Streaky paint

I am working on my kase asleep using the primary color was method. I used a brysh to apply the paint instead of a sponge on him. His limbs turned out ok, but his head is very streaky. I did use sponges and another brush to pounce away the edges and lines and blend the paint , but it went streaky while it set in the oven. I am having an issue with kimberly as well! She is not taking paint in areas making her look streaky/blotchy as well. I figured shed be an issue because she is nearly as shiny as summer rain, but i didnt expect it to be an all over issue. Is there a way to fix either of these kits without stripping them?

I am going to follow this.

If it was me, I would just strip them and start over but maybe someone else may know what to do.

I use the primary washes and I use a brush to apply the paint and then I use a cosmetic wedge and pounce all over the entire parts that I painted.


I agree!

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That’s strange. Maybe it was applied too thick?

I dont think it was applied too thick, I did the exact same thing on his limbs and they are fine. Looking at his head some more, I really dont think I can work around it. I dont really know what to do because I’ve never stripped a kit succesfully before (tried once, outcome disasterous, swore off stripping kits ever again). May be in the market for a new Kase head then…

What did you strip it with?

If you successfully strip it (lol) I’ve heard using matte varnish beforehand will help. Hope it works out for you, that’s super frustrating :-1:t3:

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I don’t remember as it was done in 2011. My dad helped me and it was something he had in the garage in a metal tin. It made the kit shiny though. And left a big (negative) impression.

Ah well. Gonna go to bed, suck it up, and buy some windsor and newton and retry stripping! At least his limbs look good!

Try using Windsor and Newton Brush Cleaner and Restorer. It works great and doesn’t damage the vinyl. Just make sure you wash it well afterward with hot water and Dawn because it’s kind of oily. Jerry’s Artarama (online) has it for a good price.


I’m working on Kimberley as we speak…getting ready to root hair…I apply the same way using a fan brush and then pounce but had no problems…are you using a fast dry or slow dry thinner? How bad is the streaking? can we see pics?


No need for harsh chemicals to strip paint. Both airdry and Genesis can be easily removed with 91% Isopropyl(rubbing)alcohol you can get at the drug store in the first aid section :wink: I tried the Windsor Newton and it left my kit sticky but alcohol wipes it clean!


I use Windsor and Newton Brush Cleaner and Restore to strip my redo babies that my customers send me. It removes paint easily and doesnt leave a shine. If its shiny after stripping it could be because it was being baked too hot. Try adding a sealer and then continue. Dont forget to wash the kit with soapy water after stripping to remove any residue.


Hope that link worked

I guess it’s hard to see, but the limbs are uniform, his face, not so much…

Did you wash them before you started?

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I can’t really see it but is it something you can just put a few mottle layers over to even it out and do a couple of extra thin flesh layers…most streaking can sort of be worked out if you just layer some mottling etc…and make sure that you do full layers over the whole thing when you apply flesh layers and not just in places…you can ‘spot mottle’ if you need to…The only thing I can see in the photos is that it looks like the mottling has absorbed into the vinyl in a few places leaving it a bit patchy but that can be fixed…otherwise…I can’t see the streaking???

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@JesseJuice yes, i washed him with dawn soap and water before i started and gave him time to dry.

@westernstarr i think its just hard to see in the picture. On sunday, I will post a closer picture. I think adding more paint will make it worse.

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Here is the close up. If you think I can paint around it/cover it up, I will give it a try before stripping his head


I don’t see anything major, from the picture it just looks a little splotchy and that’s perfectly normal for babies so I def think you can get away with it

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