Storage finally!

For years, my reborn stuff was in a jumble on top of a desk, my beading stuff in boxes here and there, and all my other odds and ends in a plastic set of drawers under the desk. I can’t sit up so it wasn’t like the desk was being used as a work space and looking at the mess all day drove me crazy! But one day at Habitat for Humanity’s Restore, I found the answer to all of my problems and something that I loved! It used to be a TV cabinet and has the sort of reddish brown color that I love in wood (not cedar unfortunately but the color of it). It now holds the plastic cabinet with odds and ends, all of my paints and sponges for genesis and air dry, my bead stuff for making pacis, paci holders, bracelets, etc., my shoe boxes of stuff like my rooting supplies and washed kits, even some of my crocheting and embroidery stuff. Since it has doors that close, all the mess is out of sight. And on top, I am going to display some of my babies. I love it!


That’s beautiful. Quite different and perfect storage. Good for you. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I absolutely love it! The chair the doll (not a reborn) is sitting on was my mother’s when she was little but was handed down to her by my great-great grandmother. Mom gave it to Caitlyn when she was little, right before she passed away. I am using it and keeping it safe till Cait is grown up now that she won’t fit on it. The little cabinet on top is actually a doll desk for 18" dolls and hold my rattles and toys. I’ve had the big cabinet for about a month and I’m still excited about it and love it! And it was only $100! Now to save up money for a NuWave…

That was a great find for $100. Everything is so organized.

love the unit and the storage. The price cannot be beat.

Very nice!

What a nice solution you found to organize all your “stuff”. It is also a nice piece of furniture at a good price.

That is the perfect piece of furniture! It’s nice looking and now it’s so easy to stay organized.

Thanks, everyone! I know how hard it is to stay organized sometimes and this is so helpful. I’ve fallen in love with thrift stores for storage solutions and for toys. I bought a little doll yesterday with a plastic moses basket for $2. Going to try to reborn it and the basket and take before and after photos just for the fun of it. A 10" doll for a dollar can’t be beat!