Stolen SCULPTS yet again Lola hodge aka Lola's kennels

yet again Lola’s kennels it at it she has now started taking realborn feet and claiming they are hers she has also made silicone babies from vinyl kits if you can remember a month ago or so she was exposed for selling a glove mold to valerios nursery without valerios knowledge but now she is selling her items on ebay and need to be stopped she stated wonderland wasn’t her but here u will see the mmesaages end with thanks lola . And also the fb post of hers shows the item number which is the same item number in yellow on wonderlands ebay we need to stop these stolen SCULPTS maybe in other countries they can get away with this but this lady is in Olympia washington and needs to be held accountable


Was Wonderland Nursery the one who came here and said over and over she did not know the the kits were counterfeited?

No valerios was the one that said over and over that she didn’t know lola was selling stolen gloves which she made the babies from but lola blocked her fb for awhile but look here laila’s hands and precullas face

we need to let denise know as lola hodge is living in tumwater washington

That does looks quite a bit like Priscilla. The mouth especially.


Did you see the hand you can tell it’s lailas

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