Still available

I found these doll parts while going through my last few kits, and I have no use for them. Selling all together for $10+7sh.

Torso- 20" Laura Lee Eagles(MacphersonCrafts)
Small Legs-Daisy
Large Legs-Kitten/Cuddles/Cookie/Ladybug
Arms- Elsie

The Maddox head was painted and stripped, though it’s not very noticeable. The creases and lips have a very slight pinkish tint, but that’s about it.

One of the kitten legs has a brown spot (pictured) that can be painted over or made to look like a bruise. One Elsie arm has a small blue spot, which can be painted over.

None of the other parts have been painted.

In your opinion does the head look like it would match well with any of the limbs? It’s hard to get a sense of proportion with just the photos.

The head would go well with the smaller legs, though you may need slightly larger arms.