Status on Upcoming Bountiful Baby Sales

Here is an update on yesterday’s post. And, just as yesterday, this “heads up” will be described backwards, beginning Tuesday the 15th, and working backwards to today.

Tuesday, 11/15: Things are on track for a release of “Realborn Ana” on Tuesday. Also, a few days following this day, we hope we will be releasing “Realborn Kenzie”, followed by restocks of Summer Rain and Amelia. We do not plan on having any other kits on sale during this time.

Monday, 11/14: As described yesterday, Monday is our “intermission” day, to catch up on the weekend work. We will probably not have any other kits on sale on this day.

From Saturday 11/12 around noon, through Sunday 11/13: I am planning a REALBORN kit sale over the weekend. There will not be any other kits besides the REALBORN kits on sale, but ALL of the Realborn Kits will be on sale.

From now until the REALBORN KIT SALE, we will have a large number of kits on sale. The sale kits will be updated twice daily. They are prominently shown on our home page:

To Recap: NOW is the time for the non-Realborn kits (featured on our home page), followed by Realborn kits over the weekend, followed by a brief “intermission”, followed by new releases and other popular restocks, in that order.

Nevin Pratt, CEO
Bountiful Baby


Thanks so much for the “heads up” Nevin :smiley: very thoughtful of you!!



So excited for Ana! :heart:

Ahhhhh I’m so excited for the summer rain restock - I hope you have soooooo many :slight_smile:

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I feel like a kit addict. This is so wrong, but I can’t stop!

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Did someone forget to mention to you about the ADDICTION?? It’s a curse we all have!! LOL


Absolutely! :blush:

I’ve always known that I have an addictive personality, II should of known when I first came across reborns I would spend hours scrolling thru pics of them, Houston! We have a problem.Then I bought a few and thought oh boy I am going to get in big trouble. Then off to Hey I can make one. So I guess If I’m going to be addicted to something why not have fun at it. My husband (After he saw max’s bare vinyl butt laying on a pillow,) proceeds to ask me " Why is there a fetus laying on the couch"? What are you doing?are you ever going to sell one? Is this a phase?Is this just a hobby? I must say this is the FIRST hobby or really anything that has held my attention for so long. I feel horrible for what I am about to say but mom flew out to visit for a couple of weeks and i really couldn’t get the time to work on one. God forbid me for thinking this but but in the back of my head I was thinking yay, when mom leaves I can play with my dolls again!


I was so excited for the sale but everything i want is out of stock. Maybe that’s a good thing :smirk: ho hum

You took the word out of my mouth, this is the first hobby that has me addicted, lol!