State fair of Texas

There was only one reborn entered into our state fair and she is beautiful! Congrats @janan !!! I love your babies :slightly_smiling_face:


awww…there she is…boy they really jacked up her hair!!!
Thanks so much for visiting her and for sharing her photo!
I have not been to see her yet!
Actually there were at least two reborn entries…my buddy Debbie Fuxa (Azygous Kids) and I went together and entered our babies the same day…


That’s awesome, cant wait to see her in person when we go!!!

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Hey JaNan, it’s me Lynn from the ROSE show!! Is Debbie going to share a booth with you again at ROSE next year? Can’t wait to see all you guys again!! @janan

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Hi Lynn! at this point Debbie says she is not going to ROSE next year…so…I plan to fly…but I just got a table…not a booth! hope to see you there! :wink:

Well even with jacked up hair (I didn’t notice) she’s still amazing! I wonder where they put the other baby? She was the only one in the case with a lot of vintage dolls. Congrats Debbie, I’m sad I didn’t get to see her!

She’s in a case by the the women’s bathroom :wink: There is so much neat stuff in the creative arts room!

they never put all the dolls together…they create displays from similar items from other categories…that has been the complaint every year from doll people who visit “I never found the dolls”!
There are usually 25 or more entries in ‘hand made dolls’ but they are not all reborns.
There are 3 places and apparently an honorable mention (or similar) award each year .
One year my baby was in a beautiful display of heirloom baby clothing…knit and crochet…it created a kind of still life . I had a note from a lady who visited wanting me to call her… she said “I saw your gorgeous heirloom gown that won first place at the Fair…congratulations…but…I want to know where you found that doll!?” :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s crazy! They must’ve been on the other side of the spam kitchen…I didn’t get over there.
I’m going to have to spend more time in there the next time we go! We haven’t been there in about 4 yrs…ya know because you need a small loan to take your kids! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

so true! there are discounts to get in almost daily if you look online… Discounts | State Fair of Texas
but if you have kids…the food is ridiculous and all the extras! we go on Senior Citizens day …Thurs and get in free!.;…we don’t do much there so it is worth the parking fee…but even at that we don’t make it every year! hope the rain holds off tomorrow so we can go!

so…to those of you that have never been…you have to look for a doll placed here and there throughout the building :wink:

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Yes, my hubby and I bought ours online and thankfully the fair gives the kids free tickets every year! But yes, after food, drinks, rides and parking…it can get crazy!

It looks like Thursday will be ok, I hope you have fun!!


You definitely will!! Sorry to hear Debbie won’t be going though, how about the others?? So cool that you are on this forum too.

Congrats on your win!! She is beautiful!! I am entering one here in our big county fair at the end of October.

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MArita Winters will be there…Maybe Kimber Hegdecock…my friend Lana Jones…not sure who else from ARC…maybe Debra Jaddick?
I think most of us will be at Kansas again next year…Me…Marita Winters…Pia Allen…Carmen McNair,Jewel Darling…Michelle Kight…Vivian Zamora…Debra Jaddick.and I think Janie Lennox is going too…

Well, I don’t know all of those ladies so you will have to point them out to me if they are around when I am. OK?

It’s a DEAL!! <3