Starting your nursery

I’ve seen some posts lately about nursery names. I wanted to post this

There are businesses who hire people to search daily for keywords, meta tags, and etc. just to sue entities who use their names and copyrights. In this world lawsuits are lucrative. And there are companies who won’t send a simple cease and desist letter. You will be notified by subpoena of an impending court date.

I just want to caution that even a sale on eBay or at a craft show or any type of venue… is a sale. And doing so under any registered or copyright can be dreadful. And the company can come after every sale you did in the past using their name. Also, you should carry some type of liability insurance. Unfortunately it’s a dog eat dog world. Protect yourself.


I own my name, pay for it legally every year. I did find a lady in Miss. that is using my business name but she is strictly furniture so I don’t mind.


How to you go about doing this?

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You can click on the link and it will tell you. For general liability insurance you can google it for your city.

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How did you do that? I might need to do that.


Thanks. I was wondering though how you go about paying for your name like Denise said.