Starting with Genesis

Apat from the primary colors which Genesis colors are a must have and are there any colors especially pre-mixed that are not worth using. Do you recommend the sets or buying the individual pots.

I haven’t been doing this long but everyone says not to use the premixed creases that it makes the creases look dirty.

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The premixed warm blush is also kinda orangy.

I have these ($19)

and these ($30)

I dont use the blush or the brow brown much.
And they have lasted over 2 years.

Also get thinning medium, matte varnish, and satin varnish

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Thanks for the heads up x

Thanks hun this helps a lot x

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I use the pre mix creases and and never had a problem.

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I use the brow brown. It is good for painting blonde hair. Just mix with small amount of flesh 08.


Of the what? :slight_smile:

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