Starting Daisy

I couldn’t wait to start Kameko but I accidentally pulled out Daisy from my box of lovely baby parts ( I bought her during the Labor day sale) I have decided to paint her instead. Anyone have any advice or funny stories about her? I want to try something new, all my dollies have been trial and error experiments. The two dolls I made that I still love most are Lane and Cozy…not sure why but if they never sell I am fine with it, not sure what to do with them…Not a collector, live in a tiny house.

I don’t need to reinvent the wheel but I sure want to find my own style. I love realism even though it has never been my focus in any of my art. I love figurative, a little gothic whimsy, I like things cute and edgy. With this reborn thing I find that I want to nail the realism. I like the smaller dolls better (even though fingers and toes are a pain).

Too much late night tea, a pile of babies and not enough time to paint them all.

I didn’t liked my Daisy …I don’t know why …:slight_smile:

I didn’t like my daisy either. I had someone tell me she was a little homely…i think she looked better as a boy. I’ll hang on to her for a while until I decide what to do with her.


S(he) is sweet. It’s the heavy brow… I kinda like it, it’s realistic. Thanks for sharing.

I sold mine as a little boy for cheep .