Does it means that she has 3/4 arms? If ‘yes’ - pass for me. I hate those :frowning:


Sugar has 3/4 arms and full side loading legs. Arms could be switched.

So sad about the limbs. I love her face, but I’m just not a fan of having to switch oit limbs

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It’s sad that the first thing I thought when I saw this thread title was “Spice, as in the drug?” I need a vacation!


My first thought too. Because this year, we never know what’s next.


Sorry! Lol

Does BB ever sell heads only?

Yes they do. The selection is random and right now limited. On the left side of homepage click “menu”

Then click “supplies”

Then click “all supplies” and scroll to wear it says “head only”

Right now this is all they have.

Ty, I didn’t know if they ever did.

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macphersoncrafts.com, dollsbysandie.com and irresistables.com all have heads.

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She looks like a cross between Landon and Spencer!

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Does anyone know when Spice is coming out? If its posted somewhere i seem to have missed it.

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Oh, good. Then we can ask for them for Christmas. :joy:

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I don’t remember seeing summer rain awake! Now I have to search

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Thank you very much.

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Wow theres going to be a summer rain awake??? How have i missed that!?

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