Spencer, Jewel or Eliza?

I am trying to decide which baby to order next. What do you ladies think would be the best seller out of Spencer, Eliza or Jewel?? Or maybe I should get another Gabriel, he sold good for me… Which one do you all think would sell the best? Thanks for any help!!

I think Spencer and Eliza are cute, but I really like the detail of the jewel kit

I picked up a Spencer yesterday, he was the only one I liked out of the bunch

I think Spencer because he’s a little chub and very different from all the rest out there. He’s the one I’m going to get.

Looks like Spencer is winning out so far.

I ordered Eliiza myself.

I ordered spencer he is so cute and different looking!!! I also got Cozy, 2 rosebuds and Presious gift!!! And all i was coming here to buy was rooting needles…LOL wow, well being in australia i have to wait about a week to get stuff so might as well stock up now!!! LOL

Spencer is cute definitely

I ended up ordering Spencer and Precious Gift… I do love those chubby cheeks on Spencer! Wish I could keep them all and not have to sell them, but in this economy every little bit helps!

I wanted to order Cozy and a couple others, but i’m hearing the vinyl is an awful grey color. Some say is a pain to tone down. DEE