Special Babies...more added in comments

Nothing like those special SOLE babies. 2 boys by Krystal Rainey Anderson and Miracle by me.


Beautiful babies. So are you.

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Omg, is that Asreal Awake?? :heart_eyes:

Yes he is! I got the kit, sent it to Krystal to paint and then I put him all together, added his lashes and glossed his lips a little. He was my Christmas present to myself this year!


Awe thank you! I do not have a stitch of make-up on here but I was puttering around the house with my babies and Mark took these pics for me.

Your babies are gorgeous, Angie and So are you! :slight_smile:

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Love them all, especially Kai! I’d love to see your whole collection.

They are all so pretty…and so are you!!! !!!

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I can see why they are special- all three lovely sculpts, beautifully painted. I may have to get pics of my personal collection to share- I have four- three by other artists and one by me.

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If you look on my FB nursery page I post pics and videos of them from time to time.

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Beautiful babies!

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You are beautiful, you don’t need makeup! Lovely babies.

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They’re beautiful!

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You look like such a proud Momma and you very well should be. Your babies are beautiful !

Here are some more babies in my collection, all reborn by me except the rooting.


They are adorable!:heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:

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A beautiful collection by a beautiful lady.

I love this guy face!!!


Ooh I love your Esme!!

Thanks for sharing yourself with your beautiful dolls.