Sophia's mommy & daddy

My niece and her husband, Sophia’s mommy and daddy – thought you might enjoy a random pic from last night’s hockey game

Sophia resembles her father (I think). They are a lovely couple with great smiles.

Beautiful family!

Well, no wonder Sophia is so cute.

What a great family!

Thanks everyone! Sophia looks more like her daddy every day…blonde hair and blue eyes, but she shares her mommy’s sweet disposition and curiosity, so she’s a good mix of both of them.

Beautiful couple Godbless them.

Thank you!

Beautiful couple! And after getting Sophia from them, are you seeing them as your personal baby making machine!!! I tease Cait about Josh and Lindsey being just good for giving me grandchildren…which she hates…and no, I’m not going to really steal Catherine from them! But I bet you’d like to steal Sophia from them for a few weeks!..weeks they can spend making another baby for us to drool over! Sophia is adorable!

LOL!!! “Baby making machine” – that’s cute!!! I’ll have to remember that
I guess they plan to take Sophia to Germany in July and THEN…on to baby number 2 if all goes well. Guess we’ll find out!