So I’ve been asked to make a baby Grinch for my daughters friend. As I have never made one I don’t know where to begin. So I decided that I would come here and ask for help as in what kit, paint, eyes etc. Please if you can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. I love a good challenge. Thanks in advance!

I think any kit could be the grinch. You just have to use your imagination.

Here is mine for inspiration. BB Paige Good Luck!


Probably a grumpy faced kit would be best, a happy or smiling one doesn’t fit the character as well. No advice as to how you would paint one, I’ve never made an alternative baby lol

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I love it. Where did you get the eyes, and what color paints should I use. I know it’s green, but what color paints do i use to get the color in your pictures. It’s a very gorgeous baby by the way.


Thank you!

I got the eyes from aliexpress. I just mixed till I got the green I wanted using green and yellow. Just layers and darker green for shading. It was fun!


OK you have me getting excited now…I can’t wait to get started!


It was so much fun and easy cause it’s just green! Can’t wait to see who you choose and what color green you use, lol! I know if you search for grinch you will find a lot of them.

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I remember there being a grinch kit at one point. Not sure by what sculptor or if it’s even still available.

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There were copyright issues after it was released. It was made by Jade Warner and only 100 were released.

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A grumpy baby like Jaycee as the grinch would be cute, too :confounded:

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I used Tanner forhis grumpy face. He is still for sale on reborns, what do you do with the Grinch when Christmas has gone by. So he is sitting ther oh well. Hey have fun.


I used Irelyn for mine. She was super fun to create.


This has to be my favorite baby EVER! My girls and I LOVE the Grinch and this is amazing. My oldest daughter would die. She watches the Grinch movie at least 5 times a month lol. Great job!


Thank you @Tessa I see a Grinch in your future, show her this page, lol!

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