Soooo disappointed

I bet my Corbin has been listed about 6 times. This time so far only 61 views and NO watchers. He is soooo cute in person. I wish the photos would do him justice. I guess people want me to give him away, and I refuse to. All I know is if these dolls aren’t going to sell I can’t keep doing this. It’s just too expensive.

Anyway, we are headed home from Arkansas.


I am going to try turning him into a girl and redo photos.


Don’t give up Mandy, redo photos, change sex and see what happens. Someone is going to come along and fall in love with him/her. Maybe it’s just a bad time of the year. You could try waiting a while and then posting. People will be looking for Christmas babies by then. Good Luck, it’ll happen for you.

I had one sitting on ebay for a year! Every time I thought there must be something wrong with the pictures or description and decided to re-do it, I had a look and it all looked even better than I remembered, so I left it. In the end, when I decided that this is ridiculous, and got ready new clothing just waiting for the listing to end, she sold!!!

I always found that this is a very bad time of the year, sales pick up end of August and then are generally good before Xmas; so, now is a good time to build up your stock.


This has gotten ridiculous… I am impatient with this stuff lol

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