Sooo.... took my Easter swap baby to work today

And it was a hoot! There were 6 customers in there when I walked in and they ALL thought she was a real baby. When I flopped her down on the counter they all kinda gasped. I just turned around and looked at them and calmly said “its just a doll… its a doll”. They were amazed LOL!

We had an associate meeting tonight and one of the girls I work with asked if I everpainted “black” babies. I told her no but I wanted to do an ethnic baby to see if I could. She wants to buy one for her daughter so I told her to let me practice first and if it turned out well them I would make a baby for her daughter. She is wanting a baldy baby. So now I need to learn to do the ethnic coloring. Any pointers and tips would be appreciated.

I just love people’s reactions to the dolls LOL


@specialmoments - I think was one with pointers for dark skin tones? :slight_smile:


This was my first attempt at a lighter skin AA with a little advise/help from @specialmoments


Cute!!! That’s really good.

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Thanks! Her new Mommy just loves Her. She had tears in her eyes when we meet for the delivery. She was my 4th baby to hand deliver to the customer I really love getting to see the reactions.


Awe that is awesome!!! I still get so nervous whenever I sell a baby or do one for a swap. I am all worried thinking they won’t be loved. I will get to hand deliver this AA one if it all works out.


This is Shyann, she’s my first reborn. She’s my favorite so far. I wanna do another one of her.

I really liked doing Shyann but would love it even more if she had full limbs. I am sure I will reborn her again. The 19th of this month will only be 3 months so I have a long ways to go still and lots to learn but I enjoy it.

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I don’t see your Shyann @Msmimi04
I have a Shyann in my cradle that was my Christmas swap baby. Love her!


That’s funny!!! Then…once they realize it’s a doll…they are amazed!!!

How cool that you may get a custom from taking her to work
with you…that is the greatest exposure ever…when people
actually see one in real life!!!

Here is one of my ethnic Shyanns!!


Beautiful! Thank you :slight_smile:

this is my Shyann

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