Soo this has been done

This has been done probably a million times but becasue I was sitting here day dreaming and wanted to share my dream baby I wanted to hear yous… If you could reborn or have any baby reborned for you TO keep never for sale what baby would it be and how would you want it…

Mine this month would be Leelu by Natali Blick
I would want her an Olive skin tone, Maybe a little molting, with Dark lush lashes, I love a good eyelid full of perfect purple veins, a full head of gorgeous Black curls…And LeeLu has the most amazing lips and I want them the exact color of my first daughters when she was born almost a dusty rose… she needs to be weighted with baby fat inserts because when I get her I would never put her down :0

Im not sure if you can tell but I have been thinking about this
thanks for listening to me go on and on But I would love to hear your dream baby…

I would just love…Camille by Ann Timmerman…i would want her with a full head of soft light brown hair…i love this sculpt sooo much…i would never put her down!!,

I think it would be Max Legler!