Someone tell me what you think about this please

I’m lookin for mohair…I usually just get ruby red, but bb’s out of several colors :/…I found this…but I’m not sure about it…I notice toward the ends of it, it’s a diff color then the rest and stuff…and I was just wondering what anyone thought as far as whether or not it’d be ok once it was rooted and cut and styled and all that…thanks for any advice … 43b0f301c9

I would not take a chance on that hair… Slumberland is excellent and Cher Simnit (on the forum) has mohair that she sells too…

I Bought from there before and the hair although properly cleaned and colored nicely was so kinky and was frizzy

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I Bought from there before and the hair although properly cleaned and colored nicely was so kinky and was frizzy

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So would this work great for a AA baby?

That hair looks great!! I think it’s more of the wavy kind, just like the pricey ones. I would ask what dye they used first, if it’s not a dye specifically made for wool, then pass.

I’m sorry, but you should never spend $40 an ounce on hair, it’s totally over rated and a waste of money… What I spend on regular washed “wool fiber” is $10 a POUND plus $3 Cushings Perfection wool dye per pound.

This hair is like that auction. Rowan with “wavy” wool. I paid $5 for 1/2 a pound and dyed it myself.

This is what the kinky wool looks like. Milo with kinky regular wool. $5 for 2 pounds and 2 packets of $3 Cushings dye.

Wavy on top, kinky on bottom

That mohair does not look good. One can clearly see it looks frizzy in the auction photos. Frizzy mohair is not good quality mohair and no amount of conditioning is going to make it nicer quality. Frizzy in the package is going to look frizzy on the head. Curly or ethnic looking mohair should not look frizzy either. Just look at some of the reborns others make and sell and you can tell the difference in who uses the cheap stuff and who doesn’t. While you don’t have to pay a fortune for good mohair, you don’t need to buy cheap crap either. You also get less waste with good quality mohair. One of the best quality mohair sellers I have found who sells at a reasonable price is Angela Sprott. Her mohair is always soft, smooth and silky and never frizzy. She packages the locks in individually wrapped tissue paper sections and takes great care with it. I usually pay $20 for a half oz and can root 2-3 heads with it.
All these heads were rooted by me with Angela’s mohair.

I forgot to say too that you just email Angela and tell her what color you want, if you want curly or wavy or straighter etc. and she will make it up to order. She is awesome to deal with and you can tell her I referred you.

I have used Agela’s mohair too and and very happy with it.

I bought from there- I bought blonde for a light skinned baby. the hair didnt really work because it was too curly- well, ethnic. so basically it would be perfect for your aa baby

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