Some thoughts on Steven

Steven is one of the new kits on sale today.

He definitely looks different to me than most of the other recent Realborns.

I just love the shape of his face, gentle looking eyes and arms ready to hug a stuffy with open hands.

His little chin and cheeks remind me of how Betty and Veronica and the other girls in the Archie comics are drawn.

He’d make a great little imp or fairy with ear modifications!

I’m not so sure of that one straight leg. How will that look sitting up?

What are your thoughts on him?


He is absolutely precious! :two_hearts: I fooled around and got Maddie so his kit is on the back burner for now but I definitely want to get him at some point in time. I think he would make an adorable little fairy. :slightly_smiling_face:


He is cute and not as weird as many recent BB releases, but I want to hear how is his vinyl paints before buying him :wink:


He is so cute and different from the other babies. There is something about him for me that feels special. Maybe he reminds of my children is why I am feeling this way! I ordered one now I want to order 2. But he is so precious he just is so sweet!
I will post about the vinyl once he arrives :slight_smile:


Do you not like tessa I love her

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So cute but I hate the new vinyl 🥲He is still on sale. It’s tempting but no!


I love him! He has personality and looks so cute! I just got him asleep in the mail and his vinyl is softer than Emmys but not super soft. I haven’t started painting him so idk how he will take paint. I caved and bought his awake version today. I love his hands! I say for the price you can’t go wrong


Ok I’m really tempted! My friend was wanting a baby with bigger ears so I might have to just bite the bullet and try this one! He is so stinking cute!

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Tessa’s vinyl is soft! Thank goodness. I’m working on her now.