Some audacity I came across

“Legally” what the heck?

Legal replica? Yea right! UGH!

This is a factory copy. Absolutely NOT a legal replica. Are the marks on the feet the yellow blotches?

I believe so. I missed them first time.

And the ending bit about how they’re always honest. Wow.

I do not own any replicas but if that is what they want to do we cannot judge them. They are being honest in saying it is a copy. And in China it is legal? There is nothing we can do about the way things are going. It has happened with other merchandise, what can you do? I am going to mute this topic cause I know most of you don’t agree with me, but lets not get to bullying and being judgemental. Let everyone enjoy this Hobby. You all will be ok. No hard feelings, love you all.


It’s very misleading and the fact that that stuff was explicitly stated, makes me think they’ve been through it before. I’m not bullying or anything. It’s just interesting those things are mentioned on a well known stolen sculpt. I know it happens all over Ebay, but I was surprised on what was mentioned in the listing.

LOL it has the blob of blush from the factory on top of feet and hands if I am seeing correctly. Sad isn’t that reborning is getting lowered with these people.


I don’t understand how calling out an illegal production of a kit is bullying or judgemental? Just because China does not care does not make it legal. They know they are doing wrong and they just don’t care. I would have a lot more respect for someone who would admit they are selling a pirated copy and just leave it at that than for them to try to make it seem ok by stating it is a legal replica.


I noticed that as well. I hate it so much! Even with legit Ashton Drake dolls, I hate it. It just…No one looks like that!

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