Some advise

Hi Ladies!
I have a customer whom I’ll be doing Jupitar by Melony Hess and she wants to add 2 tiny top teeth. I’ve never added teeth on a baby, any help on how I’d do this? I’ll truly appreciate. Tips, whatever you got :joy:

You can order teeth from Sandies I think they still sell them. has teeth. Carefully mark where you want the teeth to go and cut a tiny slit in the gum. Put some glue on the tip of the piece attached to the teeth and push them in.

There is a German store that has glass teeth that look really good… I keep forgetting where they are from. I always ask @RebornsbyZebra as she has used them a few dif times if I recall correctly.:thinking::wink:

You could also paint them to look like they are just budding through too :thinking::wink:


Once so Real :grin:


Thanks I needed this again too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I need to get a few