*SOLVED* 3 Month Joseph COA?

Was Joseph supposed to come with an authenticity certificate? I was just reading a post that mentioned receiving a kit with a limb that looked peaked, and that reminded me of the issue I had with my Joseph kit so I went to have another look - that’s when I realized the only thing in his box is the blank kit.

Are certificates something that come with ALL Realborn kits, or only some?

First quality kits come with COAs, seconds kits don’t.

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Yikes. Considering the weird leg and lack of certificate it seems like I should contact the company.

Nope! Wow, I’m just an idiot. I dumped the box out and still had no luck, but as a last minute check I ran my hands around the inside of the box and there it was - stuck to the side in a way that made it hard to see. He still had a weird leg, but the crisis was mostly averted!