Sold three dolls this week, yippee!

Sold three dolls, thank goodness, credit card bill is screaming “pay me woman”. I underestimated shipping fees so I had to eat it. Holy… I sold Isiacc and couldn’t get him into the large flat fee box so I put him in a bountiful baby box 33.oo to ship to PA. Ugh.

The next two are shipping together so it won’t be too bad, you live you learn.

Grateful these babies are going home.



I have never been able to do flat rate either… lol. Each one so far has been full legged and about $30 give or take…


Congratulations on the sales! Mine usually ship for $25 - $30.

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Congrats ! I charge flat 30.00 so it includes signature and insurance to cover price of baby.


Congrats!!! Where were they listed?



Congrats, that’s exciting.

Congratulations on your sales! :smile:

My website. I think someone shared one on Pinterest and it led back to the website. Totally unsure about this sale, being paranoid and it isn’t fair but its a guy buying them. The Paypal cleared but I have a strange little red flag. Not trying to be sexist or judge…just a strange feeling. He gave me his phone number but I don’t do phone, I don’t give it out, I prefer email and a paper trail in regards to conversations regarding the questions, info and transaction. He called my cell, He would have had to search for my phone number.

I didn’t answer or call back but have been available via email.

I know it isn’t a “pick up” thing, I am no spring chicken, I am an old chubby mom.

Well, we will see what happens.

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Congrats! A man bought one of mine, too. I never heard any more from him after the doll arrived and was signed for. Maybe there are a whole bunch of men who like reborns out there!!


Congratulations on your sales…:tada::tada::tada:

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Some men buy for their loved ones. I recently had a “sketchy” sale via FB by a guy with VERY broken English. As it turned out, he was on vacation from Mexico with his family and his daughter just HAD to have one of my babies. It turned out well and I hope yours does, too.

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Thanks everyone.

Thank you. As a woman I always feel vulnerable out there on the interwebs, This is a chatty one.