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Hi I need to tell you something and please with all respect you all deserve, for many many years I been part of you and I know the professionalism and dedication you have for Bountifulbaby, to be honest I feel that starting a new site with nothing to offer was a huge mistake. You needed to lounge into your new site with a huge BANG. I feel the new site is kind of incomplete I loved the old one nothing wrong with the simple old site direct and easy to purchase want I needed in a Jiffy. I know they are hundreds or thousands feeling the same way. just our felling about this. God bless


I think what it boils down to is some of us don’t really like change (I don’t adjust well myself :raising_hand_woman:t4:). But we have little control over this particular change. With that said, BB has always been very customer oriented, so maybe if we are more specific about what we don’t like or if we give them ideas of what would be more user friendly overall, they will accommodate. I believe they are still working on it. So, yea it is incomplete. There are a lot of things I am not used to or haven’t figured out yet, but I would not say “I don’t like the new website” yet. However…I am thrilled that pages are loading much much faster. I thought it was my old laptop causing the slow loading. :smirk: Two thumbs up BB! :+1:t4::+1:t4:

I don’t mean to be rude in saying this, but I am not enjoying the forum as much since the launch of the new website. Maybe our techy BB folks should make a special place on the forum for talk about the new website.


Just give it some time, things will fall in place for you. New things are sometimes confusing.


They couldn’t keep the old website. It was designed by one person and if something was wrong, only one could fix it. If something bad happened to her, the website just wouldn’t function at all anymore.
The old one was also simply outdated. Now this may be because I’m young, but if I didn’t have the forum here with people confirming that it’s a decent website I would never have ordered anything from them. An outdated website makes a company look unprofessional or worse, like a straight up scam.
The new website actually makes a lot more sense, design wise. Things are in logic places, similar to other professional webshops.
I suspect most people that don’t like the new website simply don’t because they’re not used to it.


I am one of the most computer illiterate people you will ever find. Usually a grandchild has to show me how to work different sites. So far I find the new site easy to use.I find what I am looking for in a jiffy. I think that people were just so used to the old site that they don’t want changes and have not taken the time to get used to the changes. ( Just my opinion based on my experience with the new site so far.)


Once they have INSPECTED and LISTED their current shipments of 20,000 kits AND updated every page I think it will be easier. (also if you want to see what it is like done look at the Ashley asleep page - it is updated) Until then I think it is rude to think we can tell a company what they should or should not have done.

Personally I think that QUALITY kits being slowly added is better than adding them to the site because the shipment has arrived. Let their staff do their job.
They went from a HUGE half off sale to having to inspect 20,000 kits while updating and launching a new site. They sound pretty busy to worry about if we like it yet or not.

I didn’t like Macphersons changes or Irresitables changes… Now I dont even remember what it was like before. As for BB I am happy that every time I click a kit I do not get sent back to the home screen to start again (over and over) lol


I am tired of seeing the complaints quite frankly. Change is always a bit disconcerting at first but with time everyone can adjust if they want to. I like the new site just fine.


I love the look of the new site… I do however miss having the link to all the accessories that coordinate with each kit on the kits page (the plugs, bodies, eyes etc.)
That was so convenient. I really hope they bring that back. Other than that… it’s beautiful.

It is there on the new pages (once updated) Check out Ashley Asleep’s page


Yes I’ve seen that on some babies, not all. I’m assuming in time it will all be like that. :blush:

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I love how you can enter a name and everything you need for that kit is there. I’m sure there are lots of things to finish up on the new site but so far I don’t see any problem except there is very little in stock. This to will work out soon.

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That is a huge improvement over their last search options. Probably my favorite thing about the new site.


Mine to

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