Sold my first baby in a long time!

I haven’t been making many babies the last few years and most of them have gone to friends or myself. I listed Leah a few months ago and after two rounds, she was purchased. Then the buyer vanished and never paid. I went thru paypal fortunately so ebay took care of opening a case. They closed it last week and said she would get a unpaid bidder mark but nothing so far and they wouldn’t let me leave feedback because I opened a case.

So the other day, I decided to relist her and Codie just to see if they would sell before I find a place to donate them. I had started Leah at $125 this time but she sold for $140 and the buyer paid!!! Still in shock! Of course money won’t come till the new year since I haven’t sold anything lately. Plus I just spent most of it buying mohair from sugargliderus to finish a couple of dolls that are gifts to friends. So far I am way in the red still but who is counting??? Having fun!!!


Congratulations! It’s always nice to have a sale!!

Congratulations on your sale x