Sold babies finally

So , I joined, and I’m so happy! I’ve sold 7 babies in about a 6 week period. However I’m not so sure i’m making enough on them, i’ll have to figure it out. Either way it still makes me happy, now I’ve got about 12 more or so to sale, 6 more to reborn and maybe sale. Wish me luck. I’ve not had hardly enough time to get started on another one, my days are so busy with school and kids, and my son n law is returning from basic training, in 6 days, he’s been gone for 5 months!
So I’ll be off to Missouri in a few days for his graduation. And taking 5 kids with me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Awesome! Congratulations!!! :clap:


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That is wonderful. . I was wondering if any sales actually happened on that site. . Very good to know

Congratulations on all your sales, hope the rest go as well for you. You’re sounding pretty busy-----congrats to your son-in-law on his graduation,