SOLD Asher AND Naomi today!

Woooo hooool!! Sold my Asher this morning and Naomi this afternoon. I was SHOCKED!!! And thrilled all at once lol



Yay for you!! Congratulations!


Dang girl!! That’s amazing!!!

Edit:: Can you send some of that luck over to the rest of us? Haha

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Simone… I sold Asher on eBay and Naomi on

Thanks everyone I am still in shock myself lol


That’s awesome. Congratulations!


Wow that’s awesome!

Thanks yall. But get this… lol

It was a guy that bought Naomi from Reborns… I don’t know if for his wife, gf, or daughter… but today he emailed and asked if she was a full body silicone. I answered “Nooo… I don’t do silicone, but they are super expensive and you wouldn’t have gotten one for $250!” So I also tell him she is a LE vinyl kit. Then he emails back and asks if she can go in the bathtub. So I email back and tell him “No and I can’t suggest that you put any reborn or silicone doll in the tub because it can mold and mildew if you get moisture inside it.” I am thinking… did you actually READ my listing or just buy without reading? If I had @Karen 's picture I would sure post it LOL.

Congratulations on your sales! :smile: But sorry about that guy. :unamused: I hope he still buys Naomi.

They already paid… She is on her way lol

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Oh good. I hope all goes well with this . :slight_smile: