Sofia Grace!

Has anyone else gotten theirs yet? I got mine today from MacP’s and OMG is she not the sweetest little thing! She’s so newborn & dainty! Her little arms are so skinny like a smaller newborn is! And her details are amazing. I can see her finished already, now to find the time to do it hahahahaha I’ll post a pic tomorrow, I’m housesitting and she’s back at my place.


I have to go to macpersosn site to see her

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Mine is scheduled to be here Thursday! Can’t wait to see her in person :heart_eyes:


I didn’t expect mine to be here so soon! I hadn’t even received the tracking number and she showed up! @Wyattsmommy you’ll love her! She’s adorable and so well detailed! She’s like a true newborn! I was surprised at just how tiny & dainty she feels lol I can’t wait to paint her!

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Didn’t end up going home today lol too lazy but asked my mom to send pictures. These are just phone pics, and I’ll take better ones when I get home