Socks come in handy 😊

Chief’s head is so tiny, and I couldn’t find a hat for his head today. I brought him to my father’s home, so that my father could see him for the first time…anyway I decided to buy some XL men’s socks to make him a hat…I think it worked out pretty well. I’ll keep this idea in mind for my future bald babies, all it took was scissors and quick alterations with the sewing machine.

I don’t want to drive you all crazy with posts of Cheif, so this will be my last time posting him :see_no_evil:.

Until next time, Happy Holiday.


He’s adorable!! Great idea with the socks!!

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Great idea, he looks very cute :slight_smile:

He is very cute! You can show him as much as you like. That is a very good idea with the socks. May try that in the future, thanks for sharing!

Oh, that looks great! You can’t even tell it used to be a sock! Very creative!

We love seeing Chief. That’s a super idea about the socks as hats. You are very smart.

Brilliant idea, he looks great.

You did a beautiful job. His skin looks so smooth and his lips are really good. I love looking at pictures of him.