So trying hair painting on quinton!

So just did the 2nd layer of painted hair. I’m not liking the way it looks. I wish I could think of something better to use to get finer lines. besides liner brushes. Was thinking about those paint pens like Macphersons has but I’m not sure if those are just for air dry. Anyway here he is I didn’t finish painting him yet because I was so excited to try this new hair painting DVD lol

the picture is A little dark


Yes the pens work for air dry paints.

Leslie, the hair looks great!

It’s looking really good!

Looks really good to me!

From what I can see, looks good to me.

the pic is a bit dark but from what i can see its looking really nice

Love it!!!:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️

Looks great to me!

Looks great! I got some nail art brushes, but no time to try them yet. Found them on Amazon, free shipping from China, takes awhile though. They are made in Germany.

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Thank you all :slight_smile: I’m going for that 3d look. Like it’s coming right off his head. I’m gonna have to keep practicing. But I don’t think it’s to bad an I like the fact that I can use genesis paints with this DVD. Someone told me when I first started reborning that you had to use air dry paints to paint hair. Those didn’t work out very well lol love my genesis paints. Also I read on here somewhere that someone uses a Calligraphy pens to paint hair So I’m trying to think of something I may not have to buy lol


You did great!!':heart:

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I’m curious, too.


Precious little baby dust Hair painting DVD :slight_smile:

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I always wanted to try a crying baby also, I ordered him when he was on sale figured for 15 bucks if I mess him up it will be a learning experience. I thought it would be harder to paint but not so bad. Just have to use very thin layers in the mouth. That’s from messing up I learned that. I removed the paint from his mouth atleast 10 times already but I think I have it now. He’s definitely been fun to reborn. I’m gonna put him together hopefully this weekend!! :slight_smile:

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I can’t wait to see!!! I actually love the criers. I did a taite for myself as a keeper, until I tried painting his hair. He was perfect to be before I hair painted, but… Not so much when I was done. I sold the little fella to a really happy lady❤️