So not happy with non delivery

Well i ordered a Lilli-Marlaine through Macphersons and in January I was given an email with postage options, I chose the option that showed 12-15 business days delivery.

3 months later tracking hasn’t moved and it was sent surface.

I have messaged MacPhersons but have got no where, they haven’t even responded to my last reply 3 days ago.

Looks like I’ll have to claim via paypal to get my money back.

Here’s the copy of the email i was sent from them back in January. I am so annoyed I lost a sale and customer because of this.

Brenda Neufeld

Sat 21/01, 4:33 a.m.
We have your order #4485 ready for you, please let
us know which of the following shipping options you prefer.
Once we know which option you have chosen we will send you a paypal
request for the shipping costs.

Have a great day, Trina

Canada Post mail post 12-15 business days with tracking $56.00 usd
Fedex 7 business days with tracking $73.00 usd

jan 20/17


Geez is this only shipping costs?!! This is crazy!! I thought shipping to Canada was free for orders over $100 :thinking:


I live in New Zealand


You are better off calling MacPherson’s. Call them and share your concerns.


I can’t I live in New Zealand I’ve already lost enough money. I tried their helpdesk which is where they said to put in my queries but they haven’t responded to my last response.

It doesn’t look like I’ll receive her its 3 months today she was sent and tracking hasn’t moved. I should have received her way back in February according to the info they gave me.

I just want my money back.


@MacPhersonCrafts, can you help Angeliquenz? Thank you!


Ah! I see… I wonder if it’s cheaper for you to purchase from Australia?

HI Anne…I did respond on the help desk…refunded the shipping back and then saw this post here.
This is what I said on the Help Desk:

Sorry Anne…we were trying to figure out what happened and we do not have any explination other than I must have seen the price of the shipping and when the options came up one that was that price was for surface post with tracking.

I do remember Trina telling me a while back that I did send something the wrong method but this seems bizzarre that no surface post was listed that she had sent you as there certainly is that option always.

The tracking that you see does seem like the package will disapear until it arrives in your country and it will say arrived in country of destination.

In the meantime since this is clearly my fault I will fully re-imburse you for the cost of shipping and I will cover that comepletely.

Should you decide to return Lilli Marliane I will also reimburse you for her…but that will be very expensive to send back so I hope you will keep her.

Please accept my sincere appolagy and the extra time it took to look into this as well.

If you decide to come back and shop again we will send along a free kit (that we produce) as an extra gesture to keep your buseinss.

You will need to put a note on the order to jog our memory of this screw up!! :frowning:

I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive us.

hUgs Brenda


Thank you so much Angela…that was very thoughtful of you to tag me!!!
hUgs Brenda XOXOXOXO


Awesome customer service MacPherson Crafts!


not what I have experienced this year, taken a lot of effort on my side to sort this.


My reply from her when I had a question was handled fast and courteously through the HELP DESK. I just had to wait for the weekend to be over then it was figured out and handled early Monday.

No calling her out on a public forum. But my issue wasn’t too serious. Just a delayed shipment.


Thank you Jenni
We do our best to respond quickly (Monday to Friday) on Help Desk
It is problematic dealing with private issues on a public forum.
I appreciate your kind words.
hugs Brenda


Exactly! Inappropriate at best.

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Now that you are communicating, why don’t you take this into a Private Message where it’s more appropriate.


I am in Australia and from my experience Canada has always been problematic; I learned that the hard way when I first started to buy on line, and items took months and months (6 - 8 months), but the postage was OK in that time. But $56 for 1/2kg parcel sent surface is just ridiculous. Most countries, as far as I know do not have surface shipping for small light parcels. I looked lately to buy some kits from Canada but the postage is much more expensive than from any other place. I buy most of my kits directly from Germany and the postage is 1 dollkit € 14, 2 dollkits € 22,=: Up to - 2kg : € 22. That is about $15US for one and $24US for up to 2kg parcel. That is sent by air and I usually get them in about 10 days. Last parcel I got from BB had 1 kit and set of spare limbs and postage was $29.95US, arrived within couple of weeks.
Also there are several sellers in Australia who may do send to NZ; City of Reborn Angels, Tiny Tots and some others.

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Perhaps this is the case for Australia and New Zealand…I will grant you that…however free shipping and 1 to 2 day guaranteed delivery within North |America is not too bad!! All the power to any living down under to get the best way possible as I know it can be a problem to get good shipping rates. City of Reborn Angels and Tiny Tots are GREAT places to shop…I would strongly recommend shopping there and of course at Bonnie Browns for her own kits as well!!!
hUgs Brenda XOXOXO

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