So nervous

As I am sitting here working on my swap baby, the more nervous I get. I am so afraid my partner will not like it and think I do horrible work. Please tell me I am not alone in feeling like this. I have never done a swap before so maybe that is why I feel this way? :confused: I don’t know but I am making myself sick to my stomach and second guessing every layer and detail that goes on. I am a nervous wreck! :worried:


I did the same thing.


Kate…you are among friends…I think we all feel the same way…I have been reborning over 7 years now and literally made over 600 dolls to date and I feel the exact same as you about the swap baby. It’s my very first swap and honestly, I am never really nervous these days about any of my custom orders but this baby…well…I think sometimes when you try so hard to make it perfect it is more stressful than just making a baby that comes from the heart…I noticed every little flaw and had a few issues with things I never have trouble with because I was being sooooo careful…I finally came to the conclusion…This baby is going to be from the heart…that is it…What will be will be…I hope my partner will love what I have done, even if it is not perfection…and I have had to just leave it at that…You do lovely dolls,Just make a Kate baby and that is all you need to do…IF you can relax and just do what you do, you will be much happier and the stress will melt away… :smile:


Great advice Starr. Thank you for that. I do feel better and will try to get over this fear that I have of messing her baby up. I just want this little one to be perfect and something that she will love for a very long time. It’s just so hard because she is such an amazing artist!


Kate your work is awesome. I’m sure your partner will be over the moon!


You are too Kate…Your babies are lovely and Izzy matched people as best as possible based on skill and the criteria we gave her to work with…things like whether you are allergic ,want smoke free, your postage preferences, etc but for the most part I know Izzy will have matched us with the most compatible partners based on all the criteria…so maybe your partner is as nervous as you are and hoping she will make one you love as well…we are all in the same boat…heehee :smile:


I am dying over here!!! I am afraid everytime I touch this baby😫 this is soooooo hard!!!


Even though I know that Izzy painstakingly paired us all and she really knows her stuff, I am still my biggest critic. I look at my work and my partners and think to myself, “man I am nowhere near her”. I think it is because with my own work, I pick out all the flaws and I’m not really seeing the true beauty of it. I am like that with every baby I do but especially this one. Thank you for reassuring me. It does make me feel better and now maybe I can relax a little and actually try to enjoy this. :smile:


I just realized you’re in my group and you’re making my baby! Relax and take a deep breath…Ahhhhh…Put plenty of love in the process and I’ll love it!!! :heart:

Just so you know, I’m wondering…“would she like this or would she like that”, too. I’m taking more down time in between layers, studying where baby is at now and determining where it wants to go. I think we’re all feeling that “stress”. I keep reminding myself this is my gift from the heart, like Starr @westernstarr said.

I picked someone to PM WIP pics for critique, maybe that would help you, too.


I’m dying over here too, believe me! This is my first swap baby and I think the first reborn I’ve done with any real time constraints and I’m SUPER anxious…You can send pics of your WIP baby to somebody you trust to make you feel better if you wanted. I hate how the babies look all goofy when they aren’t ready yet.


I’m more then happy to help anyone needing an outside opinion, I’m not in the swap because the reasons all of you just mentioned above. I put way to much pressure on myself. But here if you need me :grinning:


I’m here to give critique too! :slight_smile:


Amy you are just the sweetest! I turned up the music, took a deep breath and listened to all of you. I feel much better now. I zoned out for awhile and just let the paint flow onto the vinyl. I am trying not the worry so much about making a mistake and just enjoy the process. I am getting closer to being finished and I know I will be much happier with it all when this little one is put together. That is usually the point where I can really see them come alive.


Just Do It…you’ll feel much better, I do. A BIG shoutout Thank You to my critiquer :wink:


Oh yes, I will be asking a couple of people for some opinions. I just wanted to get a little farther along today before I did.

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Awww, you’re sweet, too! And baby will be sweet because of all the combined love being poured in.

I’m glad you feel better!

I’m sure your baby is perfect! :smile:

@Madison, your baby is being made with lots of love, too! Will be varnishing soon!!! :heart:


Oh my goodness waiting for my doll is driving me INSANE!!! I love your work Amy and I can’t wait to see my baby!

I’m almost done with me swap babies painting! I’m feeling the stress! Lol!


This swap will be very fun! Can’t wait to see all the babies. :slight_smile:


Me either ! I loveeeee lookin at babies! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️