So many firsts!

So this baby is super special to me. It is the first portrait baby I’ve ever done, the first time I’ve tried rooting, the first combi hair, the first baby I’ve ever tried (emphasis on tried) to do an ethnic skin tone on, The first baby I’ve tried to give dolly ‘jaundice’, and the first baby I’ll hand deliver. I’m praying so hard her momma loves her. I stripped her twice I was so anxious and hopefully this time will be good enough. She has so much love put into her tiny dolly body, and I even replicated the real babies going home outfit! I’m attaching pictures of the doll, and real baby ‘letti’ please cross your fingers she makes her new mom happy!!

Ps. She also weighs and is the same length as the real baby!


Sorry for the bad photos, my phone just won’t focus!

I think she is cute. Good job!

Great match. That momma is going to love her. Just a reminder though, this forum is public. Anyone online can stumble upon these pics. (They will show up in google pics if the right keywords are entered.) So please make sure you have the mom’s permission to share. If you don’t, just edit the listing to remove the picture of the real baby.

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That’s a lovely match the new mom is going to be so happy

Great match! :two_hearts:

You did a great job.

You worked hard at this one! I’m sure she will love it!

That is just amazing! I would love to have dolls to match my kids as babies that were done so well. Wow!

Great job, and that is not an easy kit to paint. She will love her!

I’m not sure why, both of my Jennie’s have given me trouble

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She is so cute!! :heart_eyes:

I have her in my stash but have not painted her yet not in a hurry to either lol

Lovely and I love the idea of matching outfits. I am sure she will be very special to her mommy!