So Jealous!

Looking at all the photos of R.O.S.E…classes,vendors setting up. Wish I was there…maybe next year.


Where do you go to look at that stuff?

On the R.O.S.E Facebook page.

Same it looks so fun!

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I did too, sigh…maybe next year for me too!

OMG I’m envious! It already looks like a blast and it hasn’t even started yet. I so, so, SO wish I could be there!


Me too!! Donna Rubert is going to be there showing my Willow Flower!! Too bad I can’t be there to see that


It costs a LOT to participate in this show. A booth is $450. Then there’s a hotel for 4 or five nights. Plus fees for some of the ervents and classes, travel expenses to get there, meals and some spending money. I’m guesstimating close to $1000 for me. And some people are coming from Australia, Japan and other far away places.

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Right! If you have kids and turn it into a vacation too, that’s a lot of $$.

Did she Donna show any pictures?

I got to meet Donna Rubert tonight. I got some great deals on kits, mohair, eyes and clothing.