So I lost my camera

and I’ve been looking for two days! My little brother misplaced it. :unamused: So, now I can’t take pics of the new legs I’ve sculpted. I’d really like to share on here, but it’s going to have to wait I suppose.

I also started on a mini bundle baby, and I have really mixed feelings about this one. I kinda just sculpted it on a whim and it only took me four hours, baked it without really thinking twice, and I’m not sure I like how it turned out. It just looks kinda…off. I would love to show pics, but again, camera is gone somewhere. Sigh.

Just a little update. I know some of you have been waiting and I feel kinda bad lol.


Tell him you will give him a dollar to find it!!! Lol

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Lol Nikki, I actually tried that! And he even made a map of the house and looked everywhere lol. No luck. But, it was pretty cute to watch. He thinks he’s a detective. Been reading too many mysteries I guess. :slight_smile:


That is just seriously adorable!!!

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And so smart and creative!! Good genes in your house!!!:smiley::heart:️:smiley::heart:️:smiley:


Ok we can live with phone pics?

Ok, I will try to get some for you. Problem is I have an extra crappy phone camera so it will blur everything out most likely. :unamused: :smile: