So disappointed in another Co. Customer service!

Just had to vent…Ordered a rather expensive kit (NOT seconds) from another company. When I got it today, I noticed little pieces of plastic on cuticles and toes on both legs, and one of the arm holes was completely closed. I can sand down the plastic, but am worried about compromising the plastic especially when it bakes, as I have had happen in the past. Plus I feel if you spend a ton of money on a kit, it should come ready to paint. Anyhow, sent pics to this company and asked for replacement limbs. Nope, they said remove pieces yourself, or pay for shipping to return to them for a refund. What??? Why should I have to pay return shipping for a defective kit??? Too bad, I was excited about this company, as they have just started a section to advertise your babies for a fee. Live and learn. Bountiful Baby has the absolute best return policy, best customer service, no other company I have dealt with comes close. Needless to say I will never order from company X again!!! Tired of being burned, just got the shaft from a non paying bidder on Ebay too!! Ughh Not my day!

Im sorry about that happening to you and sorry about the ebay jerk too.
ebay really stinks a lot of the time I have found from experience I am thinking you should name drop the company that sent you the kit so we wont order from them… is that bad? I wanna know too because my husband works hard for our family’s money and I dont want to order from someone who is ungrateful and doesnt want to keep the customer happy.

I know so frustrating. I had another lady wanting to buy baby on etsy but had to tell her no because Ebay said to wait until they contacted the bidder. Lost out now. The bidder is ryloaustin2012 . Should have known, she had one bad feedback of nonpayment. Thought I would give her benefit of the doubt. I’m gonna try Ebay a few more times, if not good, sticking with etsy, and my tried and true local boutiques. Not sure I like online selling. Anyone have any new avenues to online selling?

Ha ha, bingo!!! I would rather pay a bit more than to have to deal with them. Literally arguing with me that I should fix kit or pay return shipping. They need some customer service training.

No one is like our bountiful baby!

That is bad…especially when you pay so much more for a kit. For more money, you expect better quality, not less. Which is why I cringe at the thought of buying from other places. I would deal with Winter Whimsies again because she let me switch kits or even refunded a down payment when I changed my mind. Other than BB and her, I can’t quite take the chances. Thanks for the heads-up! Before I forget, doesn’t it leave marks if you sand down a place? Like a scuff mark? The vinyl seems to have a smoothness to the outside that I’d be worried about sanding.