So close n getting the newest release ,Mason

I was making plans to get this cutie pie :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:,but it looks like I may have to wait ,I have it on my check out shopping cart ,but decide it to wait for a bit ,lol so tempting to get one ugh :weary:

I love preemies and this is the 1st one in a long time that I really liked. I ordered 2. I have so many kits in my stash and couldn’t justify buying more, but he is so cute and the price was great. I couldn’t pass it up.

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at that price you can’t lose… I went for it.

Little babies are hard to find clothes for, I wonder if he will fit in preemie?

Oh he is precious! I never do well with tiny babies lol

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Check out Carter’s! They have a new line of micro preemie clothes for babies 1-3 lbs as well ad their normal preemie line


I ordered a mason kit this morning