Slumberland Buyers. Question

Hello Ladies.
I have a quick question for those of you who buy Slumberland mohair.
The store is currently closed until the 6th. Which is fine. But it won’t let me see the prices for the hair.
See, I get my disability check on the 1st, and I need to be able to put the money for the hair back. But i don’t know how much it is! LOL!

Can any of you give me an idea of the price for Slumberland black curly hair?


30 plus shipping half ounce, 60 ounce

Thanks! :slight_smile: Would a half an ounce do a newborn head or should I get a full ounce? I’m using it on my AA twins.

I cut my mohair from them in half and I can root 3 or more newborns with half an ounce. It is usually great quality so not much is wasted at all.


I ordered a half oz of the dark brown wavy/curly… So soft and beautiful on the babies. I am on my second baby with it but will still have more left.


Thanks ladies! :slight_smile: I will put 60$ or so back for it. Just to be safe.
This wouldn’t be an issue, but I have vet bills to pay this month so I have to balance it out. :slight_smile: