Silly Realborn Question

I’m curious about the Realborns. Are all 4 limited to 1500 each? Presley asleep is sold out, so are all 1500 sold out? Presley awake seems to be still in stock. Are the asleep versions of dolls more popular than the awake versions? I think Presley awake is absolutely adorable, but since I am only on my first doll ever, I’m afraid to spend so much money on a kit for fear I would really mess it up. I am not as fond of Asher, but was curious if the asleep version of him will sell out faster than the awake version.

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Thank you for answering my question. I see what you mean about the “first of a first”. That does make collector’s perk up, doesn’t it?

You have a good point about always being able to strip him, if I mess up. I could also purchase him now and save him for after I have few more dolls under my belt. I’ll have to give it some more thought.

Buy it now… You can reborn it later…has a cute face . If no you can resale later and get your money back.

Another good point. And with tomorrow being payday, I just might do it!

Presley Asleep sold out, but there were not all of the 1500 available for sale, some 150 had faults and were not offered, however the replacements are going to be sold soon. So watch BB gallery and you may be able to get one of them.
I do not think Asher is going to sell out fast.

I hope not because I really want him! I want the asleep and awake Asher. With all of these sales I’m going to run out of what I got to spend. I bought both Presley’s and I am a newbie, I am not even going to try and paint him until I get one baby finish and I’m happy with it. I have 3 that I need to strip it is easy to do. I was heartbroken when no matter what I did they didn’t seem right. The one I’m working on now I really like. I watched a video on YouTube and found what I was doing wrong. On the BB video it says over and over that the paint is supposed to be really thin. It for some reason didn’t get thru my thick head. Now I know that it is exactly as Ms. Pratt says… Now I’ve got it…

But they did not come as yet. The replacement are coming later, I think they said November?