Silicone Steven has arrived! Video

I Tattoo just a little video so you guys could see what he’s like because I wondered and now that I finally have them you can see what he’s like to I’m no professional so give me some slack​:blush::blush::blush:


Looks great!

He’s sooo soft

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Thank you for posting this. I bought him several days ago and haven’t received him yet. I’m just hoping to learn to paint silicone and make him look good.

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I never painted silicone either - the paint was quite an investment so I hope
I’m semi good at ai!

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I don’t expect mine before two weeks. It seem like a nice base color, and I am impressed with the flanges/plugs ! So neat :smile: as far as I can tell by your video, it looks like ecoflex20 without slacker.

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I was on the fence on this one since the vinyl version has that stiffly angled left arm. However, it appears that the silicone version has enough movement in it that the arm does not seem awkward. Is that your impression @BethRN ?

Updating to say I just decided to bite the bullet and get him!


Thank you, this will be my second silicone kit, as I have a FBS and my Steven is out for delivery right now :heart: Km so happy to hear he’s so soft and squishy as I’ve heard there are firmer silicones as well :heart: Great video :heart:


Where did you buy your silicone paints?

I don’t think his arm is awkward but here is a couple
Uploading: 2956F711-B6F1-4E11-8F46-1DC2B29DBE6A.jpeg…
Uploading: D4F66A49-9A0C-4E07-ABC6-46488C18F665.jpeg…

Li got smooth on psych paint And silc- pigs- I just need thinner - I also bought a practice face from Irresistibles

I also watched a couple
Vids and it seems there are several ways to prepare a silicone baby. I saw one lady who used Naptha then wiped with acetone-


Thank you I’m glad it was helpful

Thank you for sharing so much. For some reason I can’t seem to pull your photos up though.

So I prepared a document that I posted on my FB group, The Reborn Connection. I am going to share it with you all here because I hope it will help you avoid some issues if you are new to painting silicone.


I can’t open this whatever it is that you posted

Sorry, I think I have the link fixed now. It should be a sharable document.

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Thank you so much. This is very helpful. I had actually just went on Amazon and bought the Psycho paints and Silc Pig pigments. I need to find the Just Matt powder too.

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I saw on one page where people use confectionery sugar for matting too. I wonder how good it works? It probably tastes better. Lol

Thank you!!