Silicone/fixed eyelashes SOLD

Hi ladies, I hope you are all doing well? I’m so sorry it’s been so long I’m really sick and for some reason my hands and wrist are so bad I can not open anything on my own not even a bottle of water. I can not lift drinks to pure my own and ect … so typing is hard. If you remember me I had the blonde silicone babie that had the eye lashes people suggested I change I asked the buyer if you wanted me to change them and she did. So I did and they turned out really well she also asked me to pierce her ears. She was so happy with the pictures and video and I sent her next day shipping with a lot of clothes ect… for her box opening and she told me when she got her,BUT NEVER SAID A THING AFTER SHE OPENED HER BOX OPENING :frowning:
I’m assuming she did not like her makes me sad it took me for ever to fix her eyelashes because of my hands and I do wish she would have at least said something.
I just wanted to thank you for all your help and here are her before and after eyelash pics.


Sorry you are feeling so bad hopefully you will feel better soon it is nice you manged to sale your doll congrats on the sale .

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Thank you, sorry I could not get the pics to load and now they are on here twice lol… sorry about that. I’m very ill I’ve been homebound almost 3 years :frowning: I have no large intestines a ileostomy. RA,fms,cfs PTSD,migraines… chronic sinus disease, Lupus blood clot disorder osteoporosis and ect… now they think I have CVID so it’s just never ending.

I’m sorr6 you never heard back from her…but just move on. Don’t take it too personally (difficult, I know). Looks like you did up a wonderful box opening!


Ty, :slight_smile:

Trust me. If she DIDN’T like it you would have heard from her. Some people just don’t give feedback. No reason for you to feel bad. Congratulations on the sale. :hugs:


def agree with Jean. years ago I sold an Arianna boy (on ebay) to a lady in Scotland… She used him as her Christmas card pic, sent me one of the cards, with a lovely note how much she loved him, and NEVER left feedback!!
I think buyers often don’t know how much we count on Feedback, or a response about our dolls, when thye get home… if they are unhappy sure you would have heard


Thanks, I did not make Bella my husband bought her for me and then my son spent 66 days in the hospital and I am always sick :frowning: so I had to sell her and right after we got her. But I’m sure your right if she was upset she would have said so!
Thanks again

When my daughter got her first doll, she was so excited that she didn’t even think to let the artist know how much she loved her. She just went straight to dressing her up and cuddling her. Perhaps your buyer is that in love with her new baby. I agree that she would have said something if she wasn’t happy with her. Your post has helped me to remember to send a card along with any babies I sell in the future inviting the buyer to send me feedback.

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been so unwell. :frowning:


Thank you ladies! Sorry I have not been on because of my hands ,:frowning: