Silicone Blinkin

As soon as I saw a silicone version of blinkin from BB I snatched her up! I’ve been wanting to do a full body silicone but haven’t had the funds to spend the nearly $2000 to get a blank full-size baby. I’m not a huge fan of her face, but hoping that with the right eyes she won’t look super dolly-ish. If y’all have made Blinkin what eyes did you use and can I see pictures?


great thinking, also I do have a Birdie by Elsie Rodriguez blank kit I am selling for $800 and considering payment plan for artist from this forum. You might be out of money now, but letting you know just in case.

Happy silicone painting .

I used flat oval glass eyes. I would use that also for a silicone, they are easier to put in and look realistic enough.


Are the oval eyes any easier to position that the half round eyes? I’ve used half-round eyes on both my Echos and they were a bit tricky to get to sit right.

They are easier because you don’t have to remove too much silicone. I guess with round you will have to carve more.

I’m assuming that these won’t come with the sockets opened? I know silicones usually don’t

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I’m not sure, I’m used to cutting the eyes open but looking at the blank pictures on the BB site it shows the kit with eye sockets that look like a vinyl baby so I think they made the mold of the vinyl kit with no eyes inserted because it looks like the blank socket with the markings on the back.
It’s a bit hard to see but it looks like there’s raised X-shaped marks inside the socket.

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That’d be nice. I always get worried about cutting the sockets

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Blinkin arrived! The eye sockets are in fact open, I tried these half-round eyes in there since they were the only 20mm eyes I have. I’ll get a pair of flat-backs to fit better. I definitely like the kit better in person.


Scratch that, found some flat-backs tucked away in my supplies. I think I like the blue ones best