Signature size?

I am trying to add my signature pic, whats the normal size?

I just downsized mine to very small & it still won’t let me put it in? I have posted signatures on other forums & never had a problem?

Let me see if I can just post a pic…
I am so frustrated here…

Try closing both sites and go back in. It did that for me and I closed it and came back and then posted it here and it was ok.

I have gone to where you put your signature in & just tried it again…its weird, still won’t let me. Do you have Picture Trail?
Thats what I have.

I’ll give it another try, thank you ladies.
Hey Debi girl!!!

I don’t know whats up, I did exactly like you girls told me too

It surely is frustrating! Does BB have to ok it or something?

In your signature, you had “Disable BBCode” selected. We fixed it for you. But, all you had to do was deselect “Disable BBCode”, and it would have worked.

Hope this helps!

Bountiful Baby

Thank you BB!!! I wouldn’t have known about the code thing!