Shyanns limbs

I did a shyann a few years ago.Such a cute face but i couldnt use the limbs she came with too small !Did not look right .I wonder anyone know if they have changed them? Have they gotten better proportioned limbs for her ?.
Also where is the photo icon i couldnt add one .weird

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I did mine about a year ago, and she still had the same tiny limbs. Really wish they’d scale them up a bit, but I doubt it’s happened. If they made them bigger, I’d definitely reborn her again. Such a sweet, sweet face.

I agree. id do her in a minute if those limbs were bigger Do a few!
Havent dont another since and still have those limbs dont seem to fit much i buy so waste of money

I have reborned Shyann several times and I like to use Avery’s limbs on her.


Thanks Karen ill keep thst in mind I do love Averys lmbs

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I would get some of the Realborn limbs and use on her. I love her face. I think the last time I reborned, her I used a different doll’s limbs.


I just did a biracial one so couldnt switch but if I did a light one again, I would do Avery/Londyn’s limbs or Aubrey’s. Also the bigger realborns… I feel her head is too big for the smaller realborns. Maybe Kimberly?

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The realborn limbs would be awesome like Cindy mentioned ~ LOL ~ I didn’t even think about them; the last time I made a Shyann was before realborns came along, I think, but YES…and that way she could have full arms and legs.

Shyann has a 13 1/4" head and I’m working on Ana right now whose head is 13 1/2" so her limbs would work. The others that I know of are Priscilla, Evelyn, and Zuri, all with 13 1/2" heads.

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