Did my Shyann beautiful face
i put her together the body is too short and the legs do NOT GO.Way too short! small for the head I looked at the kit on BB . Those seem to be the right legs they match the head say 199…but look like she is a dwarf …Anyone else have that problem?.Im really dissapointed.Cant sell her like this!
I have some Kimber limbs i think ill try on her once they are painted.The legs are CUTE though or is it me?Too bad.

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You could do a 3/4 legged body…


I have some Kimber limbs no AubreysThink Kimber s will look ok? Looks like they will just laying them therre

I thought it was me I loved her face but the legs are to small I was even disappointed with the arms.

I use Aubrey limbs on my Shyanns. They look great on her. =0)

That’s the way I’ve always felt about every Shyann I’ve ever done, but they sell in a heartbeat. I don’t know what it is about this kit that makes them so appealing to buyers but they sure do love her!

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These legs worked wonders from Kimber sooo much better…!.. but now the arms…? pic shows kimbers arm just laying on shyann… on left shyann arm.
Think Kimbers are slightly too long and Shyann too short.Maybe shorten the armholes? only thing my sewing machine is broken and this is to be sold (.ignore her hair not 100% done fright wig ).

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I actually like the larger arm.The small ones look so out of place with her face.She has features like a toddler not a newborn.

Your right i added the larger.What do you think?

Looks much better.

I think so too
…Why doesnt BB put Aubreys limbs with Shyanns head if they work better?..And put the smaller Shyann limbs with a smaller head?
I dont get it?
Uness Shyann is suppose to be a dwarf…not that there is anything WRONG with being a dwarf. but still.

No idea,but those small limbs make her look funny in my opinion.

Looks much better, she looked like a T Rex dinosaur with the short arms LOL I love Shyann but won’t buy another one because of her arms and legs

Haha good one T Rex…