Shyann 100% Boy!

If anyone can make shyann into a boy it’s me!!! An all girl kit and my shyann is all boy!!


Still a WIP

He’s looking good!

He sure is a boy and so sweet!

This has been The WORST kit ever!! Oh my goodness!! GRRRRR!!! Eye sockets were so messed up and so much more…I can’t wait to be done with her/him!!! Never again. :persevere:

She is cute I like the blue eye. I thought it was just me, lol! I had so much trouble with her. Then I saw @anon77773884 makes her look fabulous so I am going to try again. :thinking:

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I was thinking of Simone when I wrote the post!! She makes Beautiful Shyann’s…I’m done! :sob:

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Can’t wait to see him all done!

If he doesn’t end up in the trash, you will! LOL! I might list him for 75 just to get him out of here.:joy:

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Lol Shyann is on sale right now 17.97. No thanks!! :rofl:

Will be assembled and listed today.


I have to clean up glue on her eye. Terrible kit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I always think this one has a wonky eye and swear I will not do another,every time somebody asks I end up doing it and hating it. I always see a girl no matter what I do.

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She is beautiful! Are those her limbs? Great baby!

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Thank you! Yes It’s all her :slight_smile:

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