Show participation questions

My fellow Reborn Artists who has experiences to participate in the shows,
I am contemplating to participate in 2020 IDTS and several questions pops-up in my mind:

  1. Do I need a business license to sell dolls at the show?
  2. Do you have a ‘square’ to receive CC payments?
  3. Where is the best place to order a banner for a nursery?
  4. What do I need to know to participate or what experiences/ tips can you share?

Thank you!


I’m not sure about a couple of your questions but I do know PayPal has a credit card reader if you want to use that instead of square. For the banner, I have gotten a few nice ones from vistaprint in the past. They offer a wide variety of styles. This is one that I have hanging in my office currently. Its about 3’ x 1.5’


Keep in mind, if you use a banner, that your booth table might not be next to a wall to hang it on. You can pin it to your tablecloth. I also buy baby shower balloons and tie them to the corners of the table. If the ribbons are long, you can see the balloons from halfway across the room so people come and check out what you have.


Thank you @Kate & @jeanhai !

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My exp is with the ROSE show

  • Utah state commissions office emails us a temporary vendor form to fill out and send back in. At the show they bring us a form as well about the taxes. (temp. sales tax license & special event sales tax return form) We have to pay sales tax. (any vendor selling in their state no matter where you live) You can include it in your prices or add it to each sale. You have 10 days after the event to pay the taxes. (I include it in the price and worry about it in the end. The tax is 7% this year (2019). Last year it was a little less.)
    I do not have a business license. It is under the special events
  • I used paypal card reader (the free one… it FROZE my money for 30 days) - use the chip reader one :wink: it wont hold your money (or so they tell me… lol)
    I have a square reader but havent used it or set it up. It needs a bank account attached to it, I think. I have heard good things about it.
  • I used vista print for my banner… and a photo back drop holder thing… this year I am on the wall… so not sure what I will use to hang it yet… mine is canvas.
  • tips - dont use the free card reader if you want to use the money you earned… lol, have fun, take time to leave your booth/table to walk around. I didnt last year and missed seeing most the items. I brought pretzels to snack on to my booth and a drink. Vertical items help have more on your tables… like shelves, just so you can add a couple more than you could. Find out table length and width and try out the set up at home. If you dont have a table that size fold a blanket on the floor that size and try to get all your items on it, etc.

@jlesser Thank you, Jenni! You are priceless!! :hugs:

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We have been saying for years that @jlesser is The Best!


I also bought my banner from vistaprint. Here’s a pic of my setup and banner if it’s at all helpful. This was a Street fair. I use PayPal for credit card payments. You don’t need an account to pay for anything and it’s safe.


Thank you @RebornReflections!

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