Show me your Holly's!

I’ve bought Holly on a whim and now I’m not so sure anymore. Like, it’s cute but a bit dolly maybe? I’m not sure where to go with her.
I’d like to see what other people did with the kit!

I’ve been wanting to create a baby Harry Potter, could Holly be a good one for that? I don’t know if the kit would make a good boy.

Made this one about 4 yrs ago . Holly makes a great boy, this one went to my sister in law, he is a good size baby.

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Oh, that does look boyish, he’s cute! Thanks for showing me!

I was reading Harry Potter , I read it at Halloween every year and I had forgotten that he was a year old when he got his scar, so a larger baby would work. Have fun, would love to see him when he is finished.:smiley_cat:

Yeah, technically he’d be a toddler size, but that’s just a bit too big for my collection. So I think 22 inches is a good compromise. :slight_smile: