Show me your full torso babies

I picked up the Laura Eagles female and male torsos. I understand that you cut the arms and legs holes, but what do I do with the head…do I cut out the ring ?? What does it look like put together…please share yours for inspiration!!! Thanks!

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I’ve never done one of those types I don’t think but I did fully body Ilse who uses those internal connector things, pain in the rear! But I had to cut her neck hole out too in order to get he connectors in here is her pics.


awww she is a cutey pie!!! I saw you show her off the other day and I didnt realize she was a connector set! Is it squishy soft?

Here is the set I ordered…One of each from Macphersons :wink:

I did her quite some time ago, she’s the one by Menna Hartog the German LDC vinyl and yes her limbs and such were squishy but she isn’t nice to hold really, real pain to put together and joints and such are so stiff she doesn’t pose well, I didn’t like her at all lol! I sold my extra kit didn’t even bother reborning it! But thank you!

Well that’s cool! So does he lcoth body go inside? How does that work?

yep the cloth body goes inside and you connect like normal. The vinyl is SUPER DUPER squishy~!! I was impressed and I dont think it will be hard or less cuddly at all! The boy is um uncircumcised hehe. I’ll be doing that one first on my native indian baby that I start this week for my mommy :wink:

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Also I might add…I think im going to need to use legs that are angled?? What do you think? I like the front load legs so much better…I wonder if front load leggies will work with this torso?

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That is the neatest thing is it s one size fits all or does it come in specific sozes? I suppose I can just go read for myself haha! They appear more side loading, however they also appear rather wide so I bet if you got a front loading body it would work really well! I really like those things they look very cool!!!

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look slike esme uses this kit as well as lincoln. They both have front loading leggies :slight_smile: Its for a 20" body :slight_smile: I am going to “attempt” to put carmen stoete in it!! I’ll try it before I paint the darn thing hehe.

Looks like front legs work:


I love it!!! I was going to order a boy body for my Zachary I have coming but he’s 18.5" so too small bummer!

well the torso is quite small :slight_smile: But he might look a tad out of proportion. Carmen is 18 too and I’m going to try haha. I’ll let you know!!


This type of full torso is how the new toddler amelia is set up. I laid of my carmen kit with the torso and it looks fine together

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Awesome that’s good to know! Can’t wait to see yours all put together! I knew those bodies existed but thought they were for specific kits I’m glad to know others are available thanks for sharing!!

Yes you do cut off the neck piece also. I have made one baby so far with the full torso…


Awesome! Thank you for sharing the pics!! What did you think of it? Would you do it again?

She has been one of my favorite babies, If she had not been a custom I would have kept her. Only thing is the torso even though it is soft, it is still hard to pose. I would paint her again.

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Thank you for taking time to reply and let me know :slight_smile: Makes perfect sense!! Looking forward to doing mine…should make for lovely pictures for my little indian boy :slight_smile:

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This is Chloe/Murray, my problem child.