Should I strip?!

Hi. Sorry to be a pain. I was trying to use acrylics and started on a test limb but went ahead and “primed” the whole kit with the folk art tile medium. Well it didn’t work out on the test limb (the paint) so now I order baby FX. Also I can see unevenness on the head, should I strip it? And how do you recommend? Thank you for all the help you lovely ladies have been!

Yes you should strip it and start over. With Babyfx you will not need to prime the kit. To easily and safely strip the kit you can use 91% alcohol. It takes is all off very quickly and cleans off any grease and residue. I also use this to clean all my pieces before painting :wink:


Thank you for your help!

Thank you! I did not dilute at all :weary:

@Renauta427 I don’t dilute with waterborne, I don’t know about FX, but good luck, don’t get discouraged and just keep moving forward. The baby looks weird at some points but comes together as you are going along. I got an old bald baby from Goodwill to test my painting skills on, I kinda followed instructions. It came out weird but I got the hang of painting a baby.

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@AnnieSokay Great idea!

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